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Find the Answer Within

August 5, 1997

Find the Answer Within published in .net Magazine (UK)Summer 1997 William Gibson’s Neuromancer is known to many because of one word, “cyberspace,” a fulcrum of a word around which a whole new world has coalesced. Equally memorable, though, is an image of the cyberjunkie Case jacking into the Dixie Flatline for the first time. The […]

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A Silent Retreat

June 27, 1997

The mind is like a chattering monkey, some Buddhists say, and one goal of disciplined spirituality — i.e. doing “what works” — is to quiet that mind. Spiritual tools are practices validated by generations of trial-and-error that more or less work, that allow the “ambient noise” of our lives to diminish and finally — in […]

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The Spirit of Success

May 2, 1997

The Spirit of Success Books on spirituality and business are flooding the marketplace. Why? The boomers, the biggest market in history, are in midlife. They’re asking hard questions and looking for answers. Their questions — how do my values relate to making a living? How can I balance life’s practical demands with the urgency of […]

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The Interior Castle

April 19, 1997

The Interior Castle The spatial metaphor of architecture has deep implications. A house, for example, is an archetypal symbol for the psyche; when we dream of houses, we are dreaming of our interior “space.” Teresa of Avila’s The Interior Castle described spiritual development as analogous to the exploration of hidden rooms. Similarly, orators in ancient […]

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The Sacred Groves of Cyberspace

July 18, 1995

The Sacred Groves of Cyberspace by Richard Thieme published in .net Magazine in the UK in 1995 Religion in cyberspace? Absolutely. Traditional religious groups are rushing onto the WWW as fast as they can make a home page. But it goes beyond that: For some, cyberspace itself is a religious experience. Let’s define “religious experience” […]

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In Search of the Grail

May 18, 1995

In Search of the Grail Originally published in Wired For Moses, it was a burning bush. For Buddha, it happened under the bo tree. For me, it was playing a game of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with my son. As we threaded our way past babel fish and Vogon poetry readings, I discovered that […]

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The Stock Market, UFOs and Religious Experience

May 23, 1994

The Stock Market, UFOs and Religious Experience reflections on a speech I have given for investment analysts,  religious seekers, and other interested parties … As a consultant and public speaker, I address a variety of issues: leadership, the uses of power, and the transformations of organization; diversity, conflict reduction, and team-building; and ethics. But I […]

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Computer Applications for Spirituality

February 8, 1993

By Richard Thieme This formal theological essay was originally written in 1988. It was quite dated when published by the Anglican Theological Review in 1993. The transition from a culture created by the technology of print to one created by electronic processing of information is an occasion of excitement and great opportunity as well as […]

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