Hacking Culture and the Hunger for Knowledge

Child’s Play

April 3, 2001

Games Engineers Play was one of the first Islands-in-the-Clickstream columns I wrote. In it I observed that a society socializes its young through games, teaching them through play the attitudes and skills we want them to have. Those of us who have grown to middle age through the current technological revolution have learned to partner […]

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Hactivism and Soul Power

November 21, 2000

The danger with taking the moral high ground is that, once you take it, you no longer have it. Saul Alinksy, a great community organizer, was committed to delivering power into the hands of the powerless. He worked to create structures that would shift the flow toward the dispossessed. He was an engineer of the […]

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The Magic is in the Mix

September 1, 2000

The Magic is in the Mix SEPTEMBER 2000/NEWS&VIEWS Information Security Magazine BY RICHARD THIEME NEWS Nearly 6,000 multi-generational hackers, crackers, corporate security gurus, intelligence officers, journalists, corporate recruiters, federal officials and scene junkies flocked to Las Vegas in late July for two security conferences: The 8th Annual Def Con, held at the Alexis Park Hotel  […]

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In Defense of Hacking

March 11, 2000

The following article was published in the Village Voice, February 16 – 22, 2000 and the LA Weekly under the title “Hacking the Future.” Let’s get our definitions straight. Last week’s attacks on dozens of Web sites were not the work of hackers. They were the work of script kiddies, and the difference is everything. […]

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In Defense of Hacking: The Director’s Cut

February 20, 2000

In Defense of Hacking by Richard Thieme Computer hackers are a prototype of twenty-first century humanity. Real hackers, that is. Real hackers embody the attitudes, skills, mind-sets, and realized possibilities that the digital world makes possible and rewards. Hackers reveal the kind of multi-dimensional thinking an information society demands – one in which all of […]

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Designing the Future

October 11, 1999

Designing the Future by Richard Thieme Former hackers are designing the landscape of the future. Once shaped by their interaction with a technology that now defines the global business environment, they illuminate the contours of that landscape for business and government clients. But do hackers provide more value than traditional security consultants? If so, what […]

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Knowledge, Obsession, Daring

December 26, 1998

The best of times, the worst of times. Governments prepare for the worst, ramping up toward New Year’s Eve 2000 and the dislocations expected at the ticking of the millennial clock. And yet … so many of my colleagues, out of nowhere, have recently said: “I can’t believe I’m paid to do this for a […]

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Don Quixote Goes Digital

November 7, 1998

Don Quixote Goes Digital appeared last month with editorial modifications under a different title in Salon Magazine (www.salonmagazine.com). By agreement with the publisher, it is not to be published by other venues until sixty days after the publication date. Much of the email generated by the publication of the article turned on the real meaning […]

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Life in Space

August 8, 1998

There was so much hullabaloo at Def Con VI! (the recent convention for computer hackers, journalists, screen writers, producers, computer security and insecurity experts, programmers, federal agents, local police and sheriff’s deputies, advertisers and marketers, hotel security guards, undercover agents, refugees from raves, groupies, and endlessly curious mind-hungry men and women of all sorts and […]

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If Truth Be Told

August 1, 1998

The press coverage of the Black Hat Briefings II and Def Con VI tells part of the story, but the fact that mainstream media covered those cons the way they did tells much of the rest. Def Con is the biggest and most celebrated convention for computer hackers. The con has grown from sixty to […]

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