Information and Computer Security

It’s Identity, Stupid

March 1, 2013

It’s Identity, Stupid by Richard Thieme   Published n Cyber Defense Magazine at RSA March 2013   We know that identity is a critical issue for security practitioners, but have we really grasped that identity has become THE existential issue for life in the early 21st century?   Academics write scholarly tomes on morphing personas […]

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Engineers and Existentialists: How Critical Infrastructure Protection Turns Security Professionals into Philosophers

January 6, 2006

Engineers and Existentialists: How Critical Infrastructure Protection Turns Security Professionals into Philosophers by Richard Thieme Published in the Infragard Journal (Winter 2006) A discussion of critical infrastructure protection in the larger context of public/private partnerships would seem to be a simple matter. I imagine that many security professionals, if they studied philosophy at all, did […]

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The Magic is in the Mix

September 1, 2000

The Magic is in the Mix SEPTEMBER 2000/NEWS&VIEWS Information Security Magazine BY RICHARD THIEME NEWS Nearly 6,000 multi-generational hackers, crackers, corporate security gurus, intelligence officers, journalists, corporate recruiters, federal officials and scene junkies flocked to Las Vegas in late July for two security conferences: The 8th Annual Def Con, held at the Alexis Park Hotel  […]

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Computer Security is No Sure Thing

July 31, 2000

Computer Security Is No Sure Thing Richard Thieme Originally published by Forbes Digital ( on July 31, 2000. copyright (c) 2000  All rights reserved. Two-thirds of the way through the process of writing his new book on computer security, cryptographer, mathematician and computer security guru Bruce Schneier made a horrifying discovery. He was writing […]

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Melissa, or, The Canary in the Network

October 11, 1999

The Canary in the Network by Richard Thieme originally published in Information Security magazine, Like last week’s weather, the Melissa virus is old news, but its lessons have – once again – probably been forgotten already. Melissa is a canary on its back, its little legs twitching in the air, but we tunnel on through […]

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Cyborg Creep

February 6, 1999

By Richard Thieme Wearable computers and ubiquitous wireless environments will undermine independence and compromise security. “1984 was a beta version of what’s coming next.”–Chris Esposito, Boeing Today’s threats to security and privacy will seem tame by comparison to those of the next millennium, when we are living and working in ubiquitous wireless networks, where home, […]

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Knock Knock

May 2, 1997

Knock Knock by Richard Thieme published as “Mapping the Human Heart”  in Internet Underground, January 1997 “Who are you?” said the caterpillar. Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland “How can it not know what it is?” Deckard, Blade Runner Blade Runner. A film about replicants, genetically engineered androids, machines that look and act human — […]

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Life in the Electronic Fortress

April 12, 1997

Life in the Electronic Fortress published in the Small Business Times (Milwaukee WI) Innocents Abroad I received a telephone call recently from a young friend. Marcus (not his real name) was excited. Marcus lives and works in Tokyo, where he spends his days breaking into electronic bank accounts. then moving the money into hidden accounts. […]

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