Interviews on Information Security

All Geered Up: An Interview with Dan Geer

October 27, 2000

ALL GEERED UP:  AN INTERVIEW WITH DAN GEER Dan Geer, @Stake CTO and the new president of USENIX, muses about privacy, security culture and the importance of self-reliance in the age of ubiquitous networks. INTERVIEWED BY RICHARD THIEME Editor’s Note: Dr. Dan Geer, chief technology officer of @Stake, was recently elected president of the USENIX […]

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Computer Security is No Sure Thing

July 31, 2000

Computer Security Is No Sure Thing Richard Thieme Originally published by Forbes Digital ( on July 31, 2000. copyright (c) 2000  All rights reserved. Two-thirds of the way through the process of writing his new book on computer security, cryptographer, mathematician and computer security guru Bruce Schneier made a horrifying discovery. He was writing […]

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Battle Zone: An Interview with Bruce Schneier

June 1, 2000

BATTLE ZONE: AN INTERVIEW WITH BRUCE SCHNEIER Bruce Schneier wrote The Book on applied cryptography…literally. Now he’s throwing his hat into the managed security services… …Battle Zone INTERVIEWED BY RICHARD THIEME Q: Your new enterprise focuses broadly on computer security, not just cryptography. How do you define a ‘secure system?’ A: That’s the key question. […]

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Banker’s Trust: An Interview with Guy Tallent

April 1, 2000

BANKER’S TRUST: AN INTERVIEW WITH WITH GUY S. TALLENT Identrus’s CEO has a talent for running the financial  industry’s electronic trust infrastructure. INTERVIEWED BY RICHARD THIEME Q: What does Identrus provide that is truly unique? A: Through its banking partners, Identrus provides universal signing and legal enforcement capabilities to corporations engaging in business-to-business e-commerce. For […]

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Uncompromising Position: An Interview About Privacy with Richard Smith

January 2, 2000

UNCOMPROMISING POSITION: AN INTERVIEW WITH RICHARD M. SMITH Where online privacy is in jeopardy, code sniffer Richard  M. Smith has been there to uncover it. INTERVIEWED BY RICHARD THIEME Q: How did you come to work in computer security? A: I was CEO of PharLap Software until September 1999, and am still co-owner. For the […]

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Designing the Future

October 11, 1999

Designing the Future by Richard Thieme Former hackers are designing the landscape of the future. Once shaped by their interaction with a technology that now defines the global business environment, they illuminate the contours of that landscape for business and government clients. But do hackers provide more value than traditional security consultants? If so, what […]

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Risky Business: An Interview with John Sekevitch

May 27, 1999

RISKY BUSINESS: AN INTERVIEW WITH JOHN SEKEVITCH BY RICHARD THIEME As VP of Secure Computing’s Professional Services unit, John Sekevitch fends off security threats with one hand…and controversy with the other. Q: Assuring clients of information security is like proving a negative. How do you assure clients it has been achieved? A: We are seldom […]

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Cyborg Creep

February 6, 1999

By Richard Thieme Wearable computers and ubiquitous wireless environments will undermine independence and compromise security. “1984 was a beta version of what’s coming next.”–Chris Esposito, Boeing Today’s threats to security and privacy will seem tame by comparison to those of the next millennium, when we are living and working in ubiquitous wireless networks, where home, […]

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