On the Edge

The Stock Market, UFOs and Religious Experience

May 23, 1994

The Stock Market, UFOs and Religious Experience reflections on a speech I have given for investment analysts,  religious seekers, and other interested parties … As a consultant and public speaker, I address a variety of issues: leadership, the uses of power, and the transformations of organization; diversity, conflict reduction, and team-building; and ethics. But I […]

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The Future of Networks … in 1994

April 4, 1994

The Future of Networks: the Future of the World published in LAN Magazine (Australia) (Spring, 1994) I am not a futurist, but I do take solace in knowing that most futurists aren’t either. Futurists seldom describe the future; they describe the present. Since ninety-five per cent of us haven’t arrived at the present yet, it […]

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