New Mugs at Stone Creek Coffee – The Simple Pleasures of the Poor

by rthieme on January 7, 2004

from the Stone Creek coffee newsletter …

New Mugs at Stone Creek Coffee – The Simple pleasures of the Poor

“Wow! just FEEL that!”

Not used to such enthusiasm from my wife about holding a hot cup of coffee, I looked at her hands cupped around the new Stone Creek coffee mugs. Her fingers moved over the raised logo and she smiled.

“What an incredible feel!”

My daughter-in-law, visiting for the holidays, slid her fingers over the surface of her cup too. “It’s so big and warm,” she said, “with a great surface area. It’s almost a two-handed cup.”

She squeezed the warm ceramic, then let her fingers dance lightly around the rim. “I hate to sound like an ad, but this mug is so satisfying and comforting. The tactile sensation, the smoothness of the surface, the heft when you lift the cup … this is just great!”

They reminded me of the Woody Allen character in Sleeper unwilling to relinquish the orgasmatron, so deliciously sensual were the feelings the new mugs generated in the sensitive tips of their fingers and palms of their hands. Inhaling the rich odor of their lattes, they caressed the hot mugs with delight, savoring the tingling sensations.

“Oh, by the way,” my out-of-town daughter-in-law added. “This coffee is great, too.”

Richard Thieme, a local writer and speaker and a steady customer at Stone Creek WFB, shared the wow response of his wife and daughter-in-law. If you haven’t held our new mugs brimful of fresh hot coffee in your own little hands, now’s the time.

Besides, the coffee is great, too.

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