Living on the Edge

The Sources of Creativity

The edges of our thinking, the edges of consensus reality, the edges of organizational structures – that’s where new ideas first show up. Those we call “geniuses” see them first and give them names. Using the insights and wisdom of the best and the brightest of the infosec and hacking worlds as well as the practice of the craft of intelligence, this presentation demonstrates how creativity infuses the best practices of security and intelligence, how to tend it and make it more likely to happen, and how to capture it on the fly.

The questions for information security practitioners include: How do you generate your creative best in a world driven by cyber attacks and down-sizing? How does creativity fit into the big picture we all know is true in the Dilbert-world of the real work place? This keynote responds to those questions with deep and real insights, grounded in the nitty-gritty of life in the trenches. Thieme argues persuasively that you must tap into your creative potential to succeed as a person-of-interest and a security professional. This talk helps professionals recontextualize how they think about challenges in security by seeing the deeper context of their work