Catch the Wave

by rthieme on November 2, 1997

The instructor in the aikido class was making a point about automobiles.

Practice paying attention to what a driver is going to do next. There are all sorts of subtle cues that signal his intention.”

The slight middle-aged man was surrounded by eight young men. The circle of attackers was waiting for an invitation.

“There is no point in confronting an opinion with a counter- opinion,” he continued. “That energizes and intensifies the person coming at you. Much better to align yourself with their energy and let it go past you, sometimes with an assist.”

He nodded to the group, and several ran at him at once.

“That’s an interesting opinion,” he said as he helped one of them turn a somersault into the wall, then turned and enabled another to fly over his hip onto the mat. “You don’t say,” he said to a third as he assisted him into the crowd. The others came at him, some from behind. Every one of them went flying.

His attackers weren’t kidding. Each was trying to throw the instructor, and the instructor anticipated their movement and assisted them in completing it. Each time he did, he translated his action into a verbal equivalent.

“What an interesting idea,” he said. “That’s certainly a point of view, all right.”

The internet is a maelstrom of streams of energy, some of them coming at us with an intention to attack. Answer a flame with a flame and you fan the flames. Align yourself with its energy and let it plunge harmlessly through the air into /dev/null.

Look at one of the latest pictures from Jupiter, at the complex interacting currents of energy, held in momentary stasis. That’s a snapshot of the net.

Find the energy you need, socket the current, and ride.

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