An Imaginary Garden


July 9, 1998

Over the weekend I met a cyber-friend for the first time. I knew she had a good mind because of the speed with which she whacked back ideas, returning forehands and drop shots with equal ease. In the flesh, however, when she said things like her age or where she had lived – things she […]

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The End of Everything

July 8, 1998

We know the Y2K flood is coming, but who is building the right ark? Back a thousand years, Christendom went crazy. Humans convinced themselves that calendars, an arbitrary measure of the flow of the universe, were linked to the Truth with a capital T. They predicted the end of everything, and lots of people took […]

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Freedom O Freedom!

July 4, 1998

The Fourth of July is Independence Day in the USA, a celebration of the kinds of freedoms that matter most. Makes me think of people who communicated powerful, life-giving ways of being free. +  the young unnamed hacker whose passion for knowledge took him across cyber-borders because he burned to understand and needed that last […]

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July 2, 1998

My friend, Sue Ashton Davies, wrote a story for The Australian about a test performed by one of Australia’s largest manufacturers. They reset the clock of their computer system to January 7, 2000, and ran a routine batch job involving 800 custom-built programs. The team had sifted through millions of lines of code to fix […]

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Which is Moving, the Lunatic or the Fringe?

July 1, 1998

Q: When you watch a flag blow in the wind, which is moving, the flag or the wind? A: The mind is moving. For introspective types, the movement of our minds is good recreation. The fun of investigating phenomena that challenge our consensus realties is observing how our minds move in response to anomalous data. […]

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The Eyes of a Child

June 26, 1998

I used to be amused when I was an Episcopal priest that people thought of ministry as detached from “real life.” The truth is, one hears just about everything, from the biting stings of an overly scrupulous conscience to obvious denial that enables people who commit murder to sleep peacefully as if they have done […]

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Players and Programs

June 25, 1998

When I spoke last year at the Black Hat Briefings (the first open conversation between the best of the hacking underground and members of the intelligence establishment), it was difficult to tell the players without a program. That was true on a macro level as well. The dissolution of national boundaries and the difficulty of […]

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Heart and Soul

June 24, 1998

In response to my communication that my wife’s mother had died, many of you responded with sympathy and wisdom. The web of electronic support touched us deeply. Many shared visions of the relationship of this life to “the next” or the body to the soul. There was a wonderful variety of images with which to […]

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The Guy in the Blue Shirt

June 11, 1998

The culture here in the upper Midwest might be characterized as mildly “conformist.” Yesterday’s reflection discussed the anger of a CEO at the tendency of a Senior VP to generate new ideas. A fellow who works in the same organization gave me a call. “Those rules that are unwritten but known,” he said. “I came […]

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The Year 2000 Fear Bug

June 11, 1998

I have a dear friend whose mother is all freaked out about the computer 2000 thing.  She is thinking about shutting down bank accounts, accumulating cash, and taking other drastic actions because of stuff she’s heard on late night talk radio. Is my friend’s mom going overboard or are her fears justified? Dear Reader: I […]

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