Bio and Biohacking

“Biohacking: A Voyage on the High Seas without GPS or Sextant or Stars”

August 23, 2016

My keynote for the unique security conference Corn Con in Davenport Iowa on September 17 2016. Home Biohacking: A Voyage on the High Seas without GPS or Sextant or Stars” Distinguishing the transhumanist hype from the sane science is not always easy. Then add the antics of real hackers to the mix – adventuresome sometimes […]

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Are there any ethical constraints on bodyhacking?

August 11, 2016 2016 BDYHAX speaker Richard Thieme on YouTube Watch as Richard Thieme discusses ethics in bodyhacking – and life – in “Where we’re going there aren’t any roads: Are there any ethical constraints on bodyhacking?”

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The Riverrun Dummy

July 1, 2005

[“The Riverrun Dummy” was published in Zahir (Unforgettable Tales) Spring 2005 (Issue 6), edited by the undefeated Sheryl Tempchin. I always wanted to write from within the “common sense” space-time perspective that Stephen Hawking said would replace the Newtonian one in a generation or two. Most people still frame the world through Newtonian lenses, but […]

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Gibby the Sit-down King

June 1, 2005

[This was published in the Timber Creek Review in 2005. I’m glad it was. Like “The Geometry of Near,” it’s a geek story, and the people on whom the character Gibby McDivitt was based comes clearly and with a chuckle to mind. The story links to “They Call Him Mister Tubby” in Imaginary Gardens (May […]

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Booting Up

April 27, 2005

Sharon Begley’s science column on Fridays in the Wall Street Journal is a constant delight. She frequently illuminates research that has profound implications for the future of human identity and behavior, often derived from biology or physics. Biology, of course, is displacing computer technology as the sexy domain for mind-boggling inquiry. Several years ago I […]

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Child’s Play

April 3, 2001

Games Engineers Play was one of the first Islands-in-the-Clickstream columns I wrote. In it I observed that a society socializes its young through games, teaching them through play the attitudes and skills we want them to have. Those of us who have grown to middle age through the current technological revolution have learned to partner […]

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A Model for Managing Multiple Selves

September 20, 2000

Just about everybody knows by now that our interaction with networked computers has created a different sense of ourselves. Our lives are affected powerfully by what we experience online and we think and act as if we are online even when we are off. The wiring gets changed around inside. We become nodes in a […]

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A Vision of Possibilities

October 24, 1998

It is one thing (some would say the only thing) to apprehend that clear focus inside our own field of subjectivity that enables us to aim our lives with greater precision and another thing to begin building a different construction of reality based on the modular building blocks provided by our society. But that construction […]

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Necessary Fictions

May 30, 1998

Many religious and philosophical traditions assert that the “self” as a thing separate from everything else is an illusion. The Buddhist doctrine of no-mind, derived from the experience of enlightenment, is a way of saying that when the floodgates of perception are opened, the illusion of a separate self vanishes. When we have that experience, […]

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Sneaking Up On Ourselves

March 14, 1998

It’s pretty tricky, sneaking around a corner which is really the surface of a sphere until we are looking at the backs of our eyeballs with our own eyes. That’s what happens, though, when we see ourselves seeing ourselves. That’s a metaphor, of course, and metaphors are horses we can ride only to the limits […]

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