Interviews on Information Security

The ECTF Comes of Age: An Interview with Bob Weaver of the USSS

November 2, 2001

Bob Weaver and the Electronic Crimes Task Force November 2001 BOB WEAVER From the rubble of the twin towers, the Electronic Crimes Task Force chief rededicates himself to “serving the servers.” BY RICHARD THIEME The events U.S. Secret Service agent Bob Weaver witnessed from his office in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 rekindled […]

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Chief Cypherpunk: An Interview with Ian Goldberg

October 5, 2001

Chief Cypherpunk October 2001 Q&A WITH IAN GOLDBERG Crypto star Ian Goldberg moved from academia to industry, but his passion remains “to live in a world where I can communicate securely and privately.” INTERVIEWED BY RICHARD THIEME Q: You’ve been chief scientist at Zero-Knowledge Systems since 1998. What exactly does the chief scientist do? A: I do […]

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Keeping the Lights On: An Interview with Lou Leffler of the NAERC

August 27, 2001

Interview with Lou Leffler, Program Director, NAERC (North American Electric Reliability Council) Interviewed by Richard Thieme This is the transcript of the original interview which was not included by Information Security Magazine as a sidebar to the interview with Ron Dick. I think Leffler’s insights are worth noting so the transcript is presented here. Whatever […]

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Center of Attention: An Interview with Ron Dick

August 5, 2001

Center of Attention An Interview with Ron Dick of NIPC Career FBI agent Ronald Dick has been given the mission of maturing the scope and capabilities of the National Infrastructure Protection Center. INTERVIEWED BY RICHARD THIEME Acoompanying this Article . . . interviews with Stash Jarocki of the Financial Services-ISAC and Lou Leffler of the […]

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Interview with Stanley “Stash” Jarocki

August 1, 2001

Interview with Stanley “Stash” Jarocki, Board Member of the Financial Services ISAC Interviewed by Richard Thieme This is the transcript of the original interview which was significantly edited and reduced by Information Security Magazine as a sidebar to the interview with Ron Dick. I think Jarocki’s insights are worth preserving so the entire transcript is […]

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What Insurance Can — and Can’t — Do for Security Risks: An Interview for Secure Business Quarterly

July 27, 2001

Looking for Light in the Fog of War: What Insurance Can — and Can’t — Do for Security Risks by Richard Thieme The “fog of war” is a metaphor for the lack of clarity in any competitive arena due to a shortage of good information. When we try to quantify risk, we enter that fog. […]

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A Mentor’s Mantra: An Interview with Stephen Northcutt

May 2, 2001

A Mentor’s Mantra May 2001 Q&A WITH STEPHEN NORTHCUTT Former Navy man Stephen Northcutt has new marching orders: Train the defenders to think like their attackers. INTERVIEWED BY RICHARD THIEME Q:How did you get to SANS? A:I’ve worked for the Department of Defense for most of my adult life. I was in the uniformed Navy […]

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Profile of a Profiler: An Interview with Bill Tafoya

April 2, 2001

PROFILE OF A PROFILER April 2001 An Interview with BILL TAFOYA Best known for creating an accurate profile of the Unabomber, retired FBI agent Bill Tafoya now works on identifying “the hollow men of hackerdom.” INTERVIEWED BY RICHARD THIEME Q:You’re known as a “police futurist.” What do you anticipate in terms of police work and […]

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We Are the Freedom People: An Interview with Jennifer Granick

March 1, 2001

We’re the Freedom People March 2001 An Interview with  WITH JENNIFER GRANICK Attorney Jennifer Granick has made a career out of defending the “little guys”–a mission that takes on added dimension in her new post at Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society. INTERVIEWED BY RICHARD THIEME BioLines >05.93 Graduated from Hastings Law School, […]

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CyberSecurity Czar: An Interview with Richard Clarke

February 1, 2001

CyberSecurity Czar An Interview with Richard Clarke February 2001 RICHARD CLARKE has been America’s de facto Security Czar for the past eight years. Facing an uncertain future in the new Bush administration, Clarke reflects on the state of national security–and his roll in bolstering it. EDITOR’S NOTE: Richard Clarke is the first U.S. coordinator for […]

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