Oldies but Goodies

New Old Videos on YouTube – May 2018

May 10, 2018

Richard Thieme on This Week WSN TV Milwaukee 1994 Richard Thieme is interviewed by Wayne Youngquist in 1994 on “This Week” – WSN Channel 12 Milwaukee. Thieme was less than one year into a new career as a professional speaker and writer and discusses his focus at the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1Ypjud1P8k&t=838s Richard Thieme Speaks for the […]

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Remembering Gary Webb Ten Years Later

October 16, 2014

Seeing “Kill the Messenger” reminded me that I wrote this ten years ago. Webb and his example meant a lot to me. But it also prompted an endless echo in my mind. If we don’t tell the truth, then they win, he said, and after they stripped him of his reason to live – more […]

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Scents and Sensibilities

March 22, 2000

SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY BY RICHARD THIEME Originally published by the Village Voice March 22 – 28, 2000. Copyright (c) 2000. All rights reserved. Smells Are Ready for Their Online Debut-But Is the World Ready for Them? Digital scents will make plenty of dollars if DigiScents has its way. Sitting right at your desk, you’ll soon […]

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The End of Television – Anticipating the Future in 1997

November 2, 1997

The End of Television by Richard Thieme published online by Freed November 1997 A funny thing happened on the way to this article about television. Television disappeared. I don’t say that lightly. I was the last kid on my block to get black-and-white television and the first to have color. We won a huge RCA […]

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Find the Answer Within

August 5, 1997

Find the Answer Within published in .net Magazine (UK)Summer 1997 William Gibson’s Neuromancer is known to many because of one word, “cyberspace,” a fulcrum of a word around which a whole new world has coalesced. Equally memorable, though, is an image of the cyberjunkie Case jacking into the Dixie Flatline for the first time. The […]

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Hot Wired Wheels – Anticipating the Future

July 29, 1997

Hot Wired Wheels by Richard Thieme Published on Web Ireland, Summer 1997 Your autombile, the Internet and you will soon be a seamless weld of three systems of information and energy. You’ll be slotted into an energy field like a card in a laptop. Daimler-Benz is trotting out technology that they say will give us […]

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Knock Knock

May 2, 1997

Knock Knock by Richard Thieme published as “Mapping the Human Heart”  in Internet Underground, January 1997 “Who are you?” said the caterpillar. Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland “How can it not know what it is?” Deckard, Blade Runner Blade Runner. A film about replicants, genetically engineered androids, machines that look and act human — […]

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Zen and the Art of Hacking

April 7, 1997

“Zen and the Art of Hacking” by Richard Thieme published in Internet Underground, April 1997 Don’t call them hackers, call them homo sapiens hackii — human beings who are “back-engineered” by their symbiotic relationship with computer networks to frame reality in ways shaped by that interaction. They’re not a new species, but they are a […]

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Red Rover, Red Rover

February 12, 1997

Red Rover, Red Rover published in Internet Underground, February-Match 1997 “whoever you are wherever you are it is time to go into the world, leaving your comfortable room, your home, every corner of which you know — your home is the last way-station before eternity.” Rainer-Maria Rilke When Americans landed on the moon, the earth […]

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One Family, One Planet

November 29, 1996

One Family, One Planet Richard Thieme Published by Gateway Computer in the Gateway Magazine, Winter 1996 Our Island Earth The first photos from space of our planet – a fragile blue-and-white oasis in the desert of our solar system – changed what we meant by “one world” forever. Our experience of the Internet is doing […]

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