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Living in a World Without Walls

December 1, 2012

Living in a World Without Walls   Published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel    September 16 2012   “You have zero privacy,” Scott McNealey, a co-founder of Sun Microsystems, said in 1999. “Get over it!” He wasn’t kidding.  Privacy is gone.  But ordinary people do not yet “get”  the full implications. We still live as if […]

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Mayor Stay Puft Just Doesn’t get It

November 11, 2007

When one of our daughters was a teenager, we often found ourselves at the bottom of the stairs, needing to leave and late again as she continued to apply the lotions and creams essential to her well-being. We listened to the whirring of the hair dryer with growing frustration, and at last one of us […]

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Privacy: an op ed rant

April 7, 2007

Privacy? Never again. Our option? As Scott McNeeley of Sun Microsystems said years ago, “Get over it.” A good friend, a well known information security expert, was asked this morning whether or not one can still do something to have privacy. He said, “When people who are serious ask me what to do to prevent […]

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Refusing to Age Gracefully: The New Frontier

March 29, 2007

Mid-life issues, I learned from twenty years of professional ministry and my own life experience, are as predictable as those of adolescence. When they emerge, it doesn’t always mean a crisis but it does generally mean that a passage is under way. Carl Jung illuminated the midlife passage by describing the process of individuation. During […]

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Entitlement and Empire

March 7, 2007

A few of us silverbacks were sitting around the coffee shop talking about the newest generation. Someone mentioned the sense of entitlement we hear about these days, how they were raised to think that one opinion was equal to another, that everyone should be making a hundred thousand dollars a few years out of college, […]

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Bipolar Disorder: an op ed rant

March 1, 2007

No, I don’t mean the condition we used to call manic depression. I mean the compulsion of television news programs to divide every issue into yin and yang, for and against, two often arbitrary but always oppositional positions that polarize a discussion. This method of “delivering issues” creates a false aura of importance, requiring opponents […]

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Branding Milwaukee

March 1, 2007

The Milwaukee 7 and their supporters and allies are struggling to give birth to a new vision for Milwaukee and South-east Wisconsin. They are getting it almost right … but “almost” doesn’t win a cigar. They are trying too hard to turn what isn’t into what is and what is into what isn’t. The Milwaukee […]

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UFOs Over Wisconsin: an op ed rant

February 11, 2007

“Space travel is utter bilge.” – The Royal Astronomer in England, 1956, the year before the launch of Sputnik The local CBS news (Channel 5/58) had a feature this week on UFOs over Wisconsin. It was different than the usual silly <wink wink> kind of feature that passes for UFO news on most mainstream media. […]

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Is a Police State a Local Matter? an op ed rant

February 2, 2007

One of the questions raised by a blog like this is, how local is local? Is local restricted to stories about the Slowy Slowertons in Whitefish Bay moving through molasses to frame a plan at last for responding to the Bayshore Town Center? When concentric circles of interest intersect – Fox Point, Wisconsin, the Midwest, […]

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A Dead Father Speaks to his Son

November 29, 2006

In sixteen years of professional ministry and subsequently as a consultant and speaker, I concluded that three things are needed for organizations to be effective:  mutuality, feedback, and accountability. The absence of any one skews behaviors in predictable directions. Mutuality means real cooperation, real teamwork. Feedback means loops both inside and to the outside of […]

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