Short Fiction

More Than a Dream

December 31, 2005

by Richard Thieme [This story has an interesting history. Way back, when I was still in the Episcopal ministry, I wanted to start writing again and wrote a story called “The Bridge” on which this one is based. I had no idea if it showed promise or not and on an impulse I sent it […]

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It’s Relative

November 11, 2005

[This is “flash fiction,” a new category generated from the fact that smaller texts are more congenial to online reading at the moment. This was published in several online magazines – Words on Walls and The Listening Eye – and withdrawn because of prior pubication from others – Abyss & Apex and Liquid Ohio. Published […]

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Peter the Great

September 1, 2005

[This story was published in Down in the Dirt in August 2005, and the subject matter certainly is. The Palo Alto Review, rejecting it for publication, said, “The narrative is a convincing replication of the character’s mind, the rhythmic patterns creating tension and momentum. The story’s subject is a difficult one, carefully rendered. However, the […]

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Nice Things

July 15, 2005

[“Nice Things” was published in the summer of 2005 in Red Wheelbarrow, a literary magazine from De Anza College. So nice to have an editor like Randy Splitter who works with you to make the story better. Although written from a different point of view, this story links nicely with “The Geometry of Near.” Nice […]

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The Necessity for Invention

July 11, 2005

[This is “flash fiction,” a new category generated from the fact that smaller texts are more congenial to online reading at the moment. This was published in The Listening Eye in 2005. Come to think of it, this is a riff on a theme often heard in my reflections on anomalous phenomena. I probably should […]

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The Riverrun Dummy

July 1, 2005

[“The Riverrun Dummy” was published in Zahir (Unforgettable Tales) Spring 2005 (Issue 6), edited by the undefeated Sheryl Tempchin. I always wanted to write from within the “common sense” space-time perspective that Stephen Hawking said would replace the Newtonian one in a generation or two. Most people still frame the world through Newtonian lenses, but […]

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Gibby the Sit-down King

June 1, 2005

[This was published in the Timber Creek Review in 2005. I’m glad it was. Like “The Geometry of Near,” it’s a geek story, and the people on whom the character Gibby McDivitt was based comes clearly and with a chuckle to mind. The story links to “They Call Him Mister Tubby” in Imaginary Gardens (May […]

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Road Warrior

December 31, 2004

The real life of a modern knight in a landscape of sameness. Published in Porcupine.

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Incident at Wolf Cove

October 1, 2004

[Incident at Wolf Cove was published in the Summer/Fall 2004 issue (xxiii,i) of The Puckerbrush Review, Gossamer Press, Old Town, Maine.Prior to her death, the editor, Constance Hunting was a wonderful editor and offered nuanced support for many writers. The old PR was a treasure. The story was also published online as “a real page-turner” […]

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Scout’s Honor

September 1, 2004

Scout’s Honor by Richard Thieme [Scout’s Honor was published in the Timber Creek Review, Summer 2004 (Vol 10, Number 2) and subsequently reprinted in the literary magazine Ascent in August 2005. It was dedicated to my wife Shirley … for good reason. for Shirley Scout was standing at the table, lecturing. His audience was rapt. […]

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