The Second Edition

What is it About UFOs?

November 28, 2007

by Richard Thieme “When you think about it – I mean, really step back and think about it – the reaction, I mean, to Dennis Kucinich’s statement the other night during the Democratic debate, about seeing an aerial vehicle, a large dark triangle, something reported by many people in this and other countries and probably […]

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A Review of Mind Wars: Brain Research and National Defense By Jonathan D. Moreno

June 22, 2007

Dana Press (The Dana Foundation: New York and Washington DC) 2006 Richard Thieme “What we don’t know is so much bigger than we are.” — A Haitian Proverb Oh, how I wish that reviewing a book like this were simple and straightforward! That would mean we live in a world of transparency, government accountability to […]

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Interview with David MacMichael, former CIA Analyst, US Marine and historian

February 13, 2006

Interview with David MacMichael by Richard Thieme David MacMichael is a former CIA Analyst, US Marine and historian.  He was a senior estimates officer with special responsibility for Western Hemisphere Affairs at the CIA’s National Intelligence Council from 1981 to 1983. He resigned from the CIA rather than falsify reports for political reasons and testified […]

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Be Alert

September 11, 2001
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