Short Fiction

ThiemeWorks Winter Sale

December 9, 2016

THIEMEWORKS WINTER SALE JANUARY 13 – FEBRUARY 28 2017 FOAM an astonishing novel, regularly $30, NOW $20 + $5 mailing in one complete volume or three volumes UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry Hard-cover: regularly $35, now $30 + $5 mailing or Soft-cover: regularly $30, now $25 + mailing Mind Games regularly $20, now $15 […]

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Northward into the Night

April 1, 2010

Old men sometimes try to tell the truth. But no one listens. No one listens because no one wants to know.  People prefer to sleepwalk through life. They use the trance logic of a hypnotic subject, walk around chairs they insist are not there. Old men’s words fall to the ground like birds hitting windows. […]

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Less Than the Sum of the Movable Parts

February 11, 2009

Published by The Future Fire (2008.14), dedicated to “Social, Political, & Speculative Cyberfiction. An experiment in and celebration of new writing.” It’s s always a treat to be published in a magazine that you also like to read! The story was illustrated nicely by Chris Cartwright of Digital Design. See it at FutureFire. This story […]

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Silent Emergent, Doubly Dark

December 1, 2008

A splendid slipstream anthology (Subtle Edens, from Elastic Press: London, November 2008) includes this breakthrough story, which received this review: “Silent Emergent, Doubly Dark” by Richard Thieme opens with a quote from James Joyce, whom I consider to be a primogenitor of slipstream. Thieme, fortunately, doesn’t try to match Joyce for wordplay and instead gives […]

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The Man Who Hadn’t Disappeared

June 1, 2008

by Richard Thieme [This story was published in the Spring 2008 edition of Karamu (Vol. XXI, No. 1), a literary magazine published by the Department of English and the Office of Grants and Research at Eastern Illinois University with additional support from the Illinois Arts Council. It was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.] Harry or […]

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SETI Triumphant

November 2, 2006

By Richard Thieme and Aaron Ximm [I was whining about rejection slips to my son Aaron Ximm and he came up with this idea. I wrote the story and Analog published it in the Zero Probability category in the October 2006 issue (Vol. CXXVI No. 10) . This was a poignant moment, first, because Aaron […]

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My Summer Vacation

July 8, 2006

[The line between fiction and non-fiction is sometimes easy to discern, sometimes not. In this case, not. Names are always changed, of course, to protect the not-so-innocent. Someone might note that I had jobs every year with the city of Chicago while attending Northwestern University thanks to Alderman Tom Rosenberg, later a judge, with whom […]

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The Last Science Fiction Story

July 1, 2006

[The Last Science Fiction Story was published in April 2006 in the Pacific Coast Journal by Stilson Graham whose novel Random Access Memory is a finely crafted and (like most of the work of most writers) unsung piece of fiction. Graham wrote about this story, “I am accepting this because of its quasi-nihilist tone as […]

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The Importance of Responding Rightly to Critical Information

February 11, 2006

[This is “flash fiction,” a new category generated from the fact that smaller texts are more congenial to online reading at the moment.  This was published in the Potomac Review, a literary magazine from Montgomery College in Rockville MD in the Fall/Winter issue opf 2005-2006. It reminded me of that figure-and-ground plaything which looks like […]

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Zero Day: Roswell

February 2, 2006

[Published originally in Porcupine as a “literary” story, subsequently reprinted in Zahir, a lovely science fiction magazine edited by Sheryl Tempchin.  It has been critiqued, too, as an “essay.” So there you have it – life in the 21st century. I received a telephone call from a former intelligence analyst for one of the agencies […]

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