Def Con and Black Hat

by rthieme on February 5, 2009

Some speakers give the same speech to every audience. Thieme doesn’t. He has been privileged to grow each year with the evolution of the Def Con and Black Hat computer security conferences. Each Thieme speech is intended for a specific context and event. Audio and video streams of Def Con and Black Hat speeches can be found at these links.

Archives of Def Con Speeches, including:

  • “1992 … 2002 … 2012 … Hacking: The Next Ten Years” (Def Con 10 – 2002)
  • “Hacking a Trans-planetary Net” (Def Con 9 2001)
  • “Social Engineering at Def Con: Games Hackers Play” (Def Con 8 – 2000)
  • “The More Things Change, the More They Don’t: Soft Destruction and the Ancient Wisdom of Hacking” (Def Con 6 – 1999)
  • “The Symbiotic Relationship between Computer Networks and Humans – A Rising Spiral of Mutual Transformation” (Def Con 4 – 1996)

Archives of speeches for the Black Hat Briefings USA

  • Hacker Court – Black Hat USA 2002 – Thieme role plays an aggrieved business owner whose network has been vandalized by the wicked hacker Jericho
  • Defending the Information Web” – Black Hat USA 2001 – How space war is recontextualizing air war and ground war and how space war is information warfare in its purest form.
  • The Strategies of Sun Tzu and Multiple Levels of Deception” – Black Hat USA 2000 – The levers of power are in the hands of those who understand how to navigate nested levels of simulated reality.
  • “Convergence – Every Man and Woman a Spy” – Black Hat USA 1998 – How technology is empowering people to have the tools and opportunities that previously were sanctioned by the state for intelligence agents only.

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