Early Accolades for Richard Thieme’s Islands in the Clickstream

“Richard Thieme takes us to the edge of cliffs we know are there but rarely visit … he wonderfully weaves life, mystery, and passion through digital and natural worlds with creativity and imagination. This is delightful and deeply thought provoking reading full of “aha!” insights.” – Clinton C. Brooks, Senior Advisor for Homeland Security and Asst. Deputy Director, NSA

“Richard Thieme sees deeply into the nature of the human spirit and expresses with great clarity what he observes.” – Joel Garreau, Washington Post

“Thieme’s ability to be open minded, conspiratorial, ethical, and subversive all at the same time is very inspiring.” – Jeff Moss, CEO, Black Hat, Inc.

“Richard Thieme teaches experts to see with ‘beginners’ eyes’ and hackers to think like philosophers. More than a great thinker, Thieme is an original soul. When you read Richard Thieme, you believe in the Matrix.” – Sol Tzvi, Senior Security and Privacy Architext, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft Israel

“Thieme’s Islands in the Clickstream is deeply reflective, enlightening, and refreshing.” – Peter Neumann, Stanford Research Institute

“Richard Thieme sees deeply into the nature of networks and has the uncanny ability to describe what he sees with extraordinary clarity.” – Howard Schmidt, former Cyber Security Advisor to the White House and former CSO, Microsoft

“I believe that you are a practioner of wu wei, the effort to choose the elegant appropriate contribution to each and every issue that you address.” – Hal McConnell, former intelligence analyst, NSA

“Cyberspace demands philosophers who know that the price of freedom is the probability of crime. Keep your hedonists and give me Richard Thieme. His mind is in orbit but his feet are on the ground.” – Dan Geer, Chief Scientist, Verdasys, former Chief Technology Officer, @Stake, Inc.

“Richard Thieme navigates the complex world of people and computers with amazing ease and grace. His clarity of thinking is refreshing, and his insights are profound.” – Bruce Schneier, CEO, Counterpane

“At its best, the Internet connects us to kindred souls, those who are destined to transform our lives in truly wondrous ways. My friend, Richard Thieme, first came to me over the Net and his words and actions have inspired me to see myself and the world around me in a different light. This collection of his writings represents a glimpse into the inner workings of a most extraordinary mind.” – Becky Bace, former executive, National Security Agency

“Where Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle left off, Richard Thieme picks up, exploring crucial questions about the nature of existence in the technology age and offering cogent commentary about truth and meaning that is as relevant to hackers as it is to CEOs. Thieme is truly an oracle for the Matrix generation”. – Kim Zetter, Wired News

“Richard Thieme speaks to the heart. His words more than inspire, they teach us how to think. The reader is left reeling, dizzy with insight.” – Robin Roberts, former head of Information Security R&D, CIA

“These warm but penetrating essays use insights from hacker culture, science fiction movies, religion, military doctrine, psychology, Midwestern family life, literature and history to illuminate unorthodox but deeply profound ways of understanding ourselves and everything around us.” – Jennifer Stisa Granick, Esq., Executive Director, Center for Internet & Society, Cyberlaw Clinic, Stanford Law School

“Richard Thieme presents us with a rare gift. His words touch our hearts while challenging our most cherished constructs. He is both a poet and pragmatist navigating a new world with clarity, curiosity and boundless amazement.” – Kelly Hansen, CEO, Neohapsis

“Richard Thieme is an extraordinary person in every sense. Only someone who has lived different lives and could cope with what those had in stock for him, who sees with soft eyes while reflecting everything around him, can express the meta layer of today’s world and technology as the one thing it is”. – FX

“WOW! You eloquently express thoughts and ideas that I feel. You have helped me, not so much tear down barriers to communication, as to leverage these barriers into another structure with elevators and escalators.” – Chip Meadows, USAA e-Security Team

“So often your story is my story. I am seldom drawn from lurking on many lists but your recent column draws me to thank you for what can only be called your pastoring. You are among my teachers, an actual presence here in this archipelago.” – Michael Joyce, Author of Afternoon, Vassar College

“Richard Thieme combines hi-tech, business savvy and social consciousness to create some of the most penetrating commentaries of our times. I am always eager to read his work.” – Peter Russell, author, “From Science to God”

“Richard Thieme has a knack for not just writing about technology, but exploring and breaking down the intersection between technology, politics, society, and humanity. A needed and unique voice from a unique perspective on the bridge between the techno-mainstream and its counterpart — the cutting edge. With Richard, there is no spoon.” – Simple Nomad (Mark Loveless), Bindview and NMRC

“These reflections provide a veritable feast for the imagination, allowing us more fully to participate in Wonder. This book is an experience of loving Creation with our minds.” – Louie Crew, Member of Executive Council of The Episcopal Church, Emeritus Professor at Rutgers University

“The particular connections Richard Thieme makes between mind, heart, technology, and truth, lend us timely and useful insight on what it means to live in a technological era. Richard fills a unique and important niche in hacker society!” – Mick Bauer, Security Editor, Linux Journal

“Richard Thieme is one of the rare people who ‘gets it’ regarding the relationship between networking, technology, and people. Always provocative and interesting, Richard’s voice is one I heed.” – Marcus Ranum

“To the religion scholar and cyber-philosopher Richard Thieme, hackers are in the tradition of men like da Vinci and Machiavelli who decoded the heavens, the human body, the government body. It’s no accident that Thieme is a sought after speaker at gatherings of hackers, phreakers, and intelligence agents.” – Neue Zürcher Zeitung

“Thank you Richard – it is simply beautiful … your words … I feel somehow some of my questions about life have been shared – and answered.” – See Ming, a reader in Malaysia

“Your writing is inspirational. If I had the power, I would dub thee a cybershaman.” – Adrianne Arendse, a reader in Cape Town, South Africa

“You come walk with me in the mud, my friend.” – Sushma Sharma, a reader in Bombay, India