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by rthieme on May 10, 2018

Richard Thieme on This Week WSN TV Milwaukee 1994

Richard Thieme is interviewed by Wayne Youngquist in 1994 on “This Week” – WSN Channel 12 Milwaukee. Thieme was less than one year into a new career as a professional speaker and writer and discusses his focus at the time.

Richard Thieme Speaks for the Teachers of Grays Lake Illinois in 1995

The digital revolution was just getting under way in the mid 1990s and the challenge to traditional education was felt keenly by the teachers on the firing line – and on the interface between eras. The teachers of Grays Lake Illinois asked Richard Thieme to help them know what would be needed to make the transition successfully. This inservice presentation emphasized “the human in the machine” – the capacity of ordinary men and women to be resilient and heroic in the everyday world fired at them at point blank range.

The Dynamics of Mergers – Advanced Health Care – June 1998

Three Milwaukee clinics – Milwaukee Medical Clinic, West Bend Medical Clinic, and Menomonee Falls Medical Clinic – merged in 1998 to form Advanced Health Care. Richard Thieme spoke to their management teams about the dynamics and challenges of mergers. “The human in the machine” was his focus – how companies and cultures negotiate differences as they struggle to become something new and different.

Richard Thieme on Thriving in the Digital World for Professional Speakers – October 1998

20 years ago Richard Thieme spoke to other professional speakers about “how to thrive in the digital world.” 20 years later, it sounds obvious, but the advice still holds – living on the edges requires focus, intentionality, and discipline. This presentation was for a local chapter of the NSA (National Speakers Association).

Richard Thieme on the Human Dimension of Technology and the Workplace – Alliant Energy – 2001

Alliant Energy invited Richard Thieme to illuminate the challenges they faced as a utility in light of changing regulations, mergers, the digital revolution, new security challenges, and more. He addressed all that with some zest and his insights continue to be relevant.

Richard Thieme on the Workplace of the Future – Medtronic – Minneapolis – Sept 2003

Richard Thieme describes a vision of new possibilities in September 2003 for Medtronic. The poignant opening, days after his son’s motorcycle accident, framed the work of the medical device maker and its importance for “the human in the machine.”

Richard Thieme. Are There UFOs on Mars? International UFO Symposium 2002

A presentation for the MUFON Symposium in 2002 with a heavy emphasis on methodology and the sources of some error in UFO research. Stories, speculations, admonitions. Do what it takes to seek the truth in a post-truth environment.

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