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“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” – Frederick Nietzsche

Richard Thieme has been hearing the music for a long time.

His track record includes hundreds of published articles, dozens of published short stories, one published book with more coming, several thousand speeches, and – in a former incarnation – hundreds of sermons, all original, all unique.

In the nineteen eighties, Thieme began writing about the impact of new technologies on religious systems and images, on spirituality, on identity. He was an Episcopal priest, and it made sense to begin where he was.

What he wrote sounds obvious now. But it didn’t, then.

He realized that his insights applied to other aspects of society and culture too. What was happening to religions was happening to everything else, a sea change of global transformation driven by new technologies of information and communication. He left the professional ministry to write and speak full time in 1993.

Of course other drivers are behind these radical changes, too. Biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials science, space travel … and above all, the choices we make about how to use these discoveries to reinvent ourselves.

Our choices must be informed. For the word “ethical” to mean anything, the changes in the systems that give rise to ethical thinking must also be understood. Everything is connected to everything else, and nothing is simply what it seems. Changes to context must be made as visible as changes to content.

That’s what Richard does. He makes the invisible visible, he amplifies the unheard music playing at the edges of our lives, he turns the context into content. Security and intelligence professionals value his insights because he sees into the heart of complex issues. He takes nothing at face value and links insights to the mixed motives of the human heart.

His speeches, adapted for specific audiences, address:

1. the challenges posed by new technologies and the future
2. how to reinvent ourselves (as individuals or organizations) to meet these challenges
3. creativity – practical approaches, how to tend it, make it more likely to happen, capture it when it does

Richard Thieme explores issues with depth, insight, humor and zest through speeches and in his writing.

People typically respond with comments like these:

“You really made me think.” Or, “Your ability to move people out of their comfort zone is a remarkable talent to have.” Or, “It was inspiring to see a thousand geeks mesmerized without a single multimedia prop in sight.”

Richard mostly delivers keynotes and closing speeches that unite the diverse themes of a conference. His presentations are exciting, mind-expanding, and entertaining He has spoken for as few as five and as many as six thousand. He has spoken in Sydney and Brisbane, Auckland and Wellington, Dublin and Berlin, Amsterdam and The Hague, Israel, and all around the United States.

If you would like to explore how Richard Thieme can bring value to you or your organization, email [email protected] or call 414 351 2321.

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