Keynotes, Workshops and Retreats

Richard Thieme’s work is always evolving so these topics are suggestive. Topics can be blended and integrated into keynotes, end-notes that wrap up a convention or conference, or a half-day seminar or workshop. Retreats from a half-day to two days are custom designed to meet needs of clients. All work, in fact, is customized for clients – I know, every speaker says that, but take a look at what clients say about customization.

Keynote Topics

  • How to Reinvent Yourself
  • TechnoCultureShock
  • Thinking About the Future
  • Mutuality, Feedback and Accountability: Keys to Individual and Organizational Success
  • Hacking as Practice for Trans-planetary Life in the 21st Century: The Creativity Required to Remain Free
  • Blending Families … and Cultures
  • The Difference it Makes Being Different: Dealing Realistically with Diversity
  • Defending the Information Web: New Ways of Thinking About Security
  • Identity Shift: The Impact of Technology, Bioengineering, and Interplanetary Culture on Human Identity
  • Living on the Edge: The Sources of Creativity
  • Soft Boundaries: Challenges to Identity, Structure and Security
  • Masters of the Unseen: The Art of Information Warfare
  • Hacking UFOlogy: Thirty Years in the Wilderness of Mirrors
  • The Changing Context of Intelligence and Ethics: Enabling Technologies as Transformational Engines
  • The Stock Market, UFO’s, and Religious Experience
  • Spirituality and Religion in the Digital Era
  • Identity and Self in the Digital Era