Hacking UFOlogy

Thirty Years in the Wilderness of Mirrors

“You’re over the line,” an intelligence professional told Richard Thieme recently. “You know enough to know what’s not true but you can’t know enough to know what is. You’re well into the wilderness of mirrors.”

Ever since a USAF fighter pilot with the “right stuff” told Richard Thieme (who was then his Episcopal clergyman) in 1978 that “we chase the things and can’t catch them” — Thieme has explored this domain with beginner’s eyes and an open mind. He has interviewed astronauts and NASA psychologists, physicists and social scientists, and scholars in “the invisible college” who conduct serious research and rigorous historical analysis. He has compared notes with intelligence professionals who believe that the least unlikely hypothesis for some of the data is, as one said, “a cultural intrusion” over many decades.

In this presentation, Thieme shows how “hacking the system” of data, disinformation, and “true believers” in an environment which has been saturated with ridicule since 1952, when critical elements of the government made a decision to debunk reports and those making them, is like hacking any complex system in our world of huge black budgets, appropriate paranoia, psy ops and wrap-around propaganda, and obsessive secrecy.

This presentation will make you think. It will make you re-examine your presuppositions about what is real. It will lead you to the edge … and give you a push …