Source Boston 2013 Keynote by Dan Geer and Richard Thieme

by rthieme on May 6, 2013

from Josh Corman, facilitator of the interview:

Dan Geer is CISO of CIA’s In-Q-Tel and a LOT of other things as well.

RT is an author and speaker.

The SOURCE Boston Keynotes are up on YouTube.

My goals were:
to honor them
get them unscripted
make them blush at times if possible (from love)
inspire the room to take a more active role
inspire the room topics focus on more consequential topics
get Richard to close w/ his Ferg’s Law excerpt
get Dan Geer to finish reciting “If” by Rudyard Kipling
IF you watch nothing else… watch these at the end.
…hauntingly special – and not only because we were all still reeling from the Marathon aftermath and confusion…
Herding cats has nothing on thinking one can steer these two titans 😉
All will eventually be posted within the schedule:
P.S. ’twas priceless to faux “out” Geer as the leader of Anonymous…

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