The UFO Encyclopedia : The Phenomenon from the Beginning (2 Volume Set)

by rthieme on October 26, 2010

The UFO Encyclopedia : The Phenomenon from the Beginning (2 Volume Set) by Jerome Clark

Many have wished for the existence of a fundamental reader on the immense topic of UFOlogy that cuts through the self-promotions of the cottage industry, sees hoaxes and likely errors of perception for what they are, respects the scientific method as the best way to approach irreducible and anomalous data, understands the impact of organized disinformation and inevitable misinformation on a proto-science denied the multidisciplinary efforts that would bring its data into clearer focus, yet keeps in front of us the best quality of information and presents it with appreciation for the critiques of both debunkers and agnostics applying Occam’s razor to interpretations.

Jerry Clark’s 2-volume UFO Encyclopedia does this in a comprehensive, thorough, extraordinary way. His work and mind are – duh!–encyclopedic in all the best senses of the term. No exploration of this subject would be complete without reference to this material.

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Daniel Ortone January 2, 2014 at 4:11 AM

Dear Mr. Thieme,
I am an evangelical Christian who saw your presentation on securetube when I ran across it on the web on Jan. 2, 2014 when you gave your talk at a DEFCON convention about the book you collaborated on concerning the govt. response to UFOs. I apologize in advance for not reading the book before emailing you, so if what I am about to say has already been postulated, I beg your forgiveness.
I have a very hard time logically believing that UFOs are from alien life forms visiting our planet. I do not base this opinion just on logical grounds, or the paucity of good evidence on the many bewildering and often badly documented documentaries and books I have read on the subject over the years. With Erich von Daniken and his Chariots of the Gods being one of the best examples of the worst which I saw back in the seventies during my teen years. Despite that opinon, I heartily applaud the factuality of the book you collaborated on with its factual, documented evidence for what people observed, despite the government’s failure and lying to explain these sightings. Among all this hullalaboo of bad research, outright lying, misrepresentation, confusion, conspiracy theories, and wishful speculation, why do not some reputable scientists, such as was Richard Feymann who you mentioned in your presentation, try to find a natural explanation for these phenomenon. They just do NOT have to be aliens from another planet or dimension. The Northern Lights which were considered mythic creatures by many ancient peoples, have been clearly and progressively explained by Gassendi, Hailey, Cavendish, Birkeland, Stormer, and
Kjell Henrikson, and have been studied by the programs of ARAKS and THEMIS by the U.S., the French, and the Russians. Could it be that UFO’s are just imaginary aliens that a lot of people would like to believe in, just as the ancient peoples believed the Northern Lights to be mythic creatures? Could notUFO’s in reality just be natural phenomenon that is somehow triggered by atmospheric, solar, aerial, radioactive, or other natural phenomena? We cannot see cosmic rays easily, but today we know they exist, but nobody has attributed them to some alien interplanetary life form that is secretly bombarding the earth with super high energy death rays to slowly wipe out the humans on planet earth. I remember reading that astronauts would see scintillations of light inside their wyes with their eyes closed when they were in space due to particle radiation they were exposed to, but they did not attribute this to disembodied spirits of dead astronauts or pilots who were killed in airplanes, and the space program, but to natural phenomena. But you never know, huh? Maybe when Neil Armstrong was on the moon, some unknown entity hoodwinked us all. They captured him, and made Houston and the other astronauts believe everything was as we saw it, but actually they took him on board their spacecraft, replaced his red blood with yellow fluid, did a bunch of tests on him to see how far our race has come, then replaced his blood and then released him. Maybe, just maybe , it could be?
With the speeds that these supposed alien spacecraft can travel at: up to 1000 miles and hour with sudden shifts of direction (as some purport to say0, I doubt if they are REALLY alien spacecraft as many people seem to assume or believe. I know the subject of your book was not this question exactly, but I do wish the American and other governments looked at this question from the idea that this is explainable natural phenomena that serous scientific research could help us really understand. I really liked the idea of the book, and your presentation was very interesting, but you could have condensed what you said at DEFCON a little bit better to get more in about your book. With that said, I hope to look more into the book in the near future to read it, not only to see the well documented research, but to see how the government treated this subject. It is an interesting exercise into the way people approach something they do not understand that they fear.

Daniel Ortone [email protected]

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