Welcome to my World – Chapter One of “Mobius: a Memoir” is now online at Bewildering Stories

by rthieme on July 23, 2020

An excerpt from “Mobius: A Memoir,” my most recent novel, the first chapter (“Welcome to my World”), is now at Bewildering Stories at:

“Mobius” is set in the world of professional intelligence.

Mobius: A Memoir is a 105,000 word novel laced with the literal truth, a truth that could not be told in any other way. Mobius – a code name – recounts the arc of his career as an intelligence professional and his personal relationship with Penny, his former lover and friend of 37 years.

It is about a spy but it is not a typical “spy novel”; it is “literary,” but it is not a “literary novel.” It is also, in a fun-house mirror sort of way, a love story of Mobius and Penny, but it is definitely not a “romance.” It is a psychological/political/spiritual study of the impact of a life of deception and professional intelligence work which culminates in Mobius’ breakdown after he is transferred to a team to conduct “harsh interrogation” after 9/11.

His self-confrontation during torture leads to a decision to confess to Penny who and what he really is after maintaining a false identity for decades and to tell the world as a whistleblower what was done under the cover of fighting terror. Is honesty really the best policy? The reader is left to judge.            

The truth of my experience as an Episcopal clergyman for 16 years and an independent writer, speaker and consultant on technology, security and intelligence for 26 years permeates this work. It has verisimilitude and deep insight into the consequences of creating a national security state on those who advance and protect it as well as those who live in it. The world on the ground experienced by Mobius and his colleagues is the larger macro world in which we all live.

I have spoken professionally in 14 countries about the impacts of technology on the “human in the machine” and the impact of security and intelligence work on individuals, organizations, society, and geopolitical realities. I have published five books in fifteen years, fiction and non-fiction. “Mobius” is the sixth book and currently seeking a publisher.

I returned to writing fiction when a colleague at NSA said “the only way you can tell the truth is in fiction.” That advice led to 35 published short stories, one novel FOAM and this, my second novel. A third novel, “The Way It Looks,” is in progress.

Groundbreaking speeches about the impacts of security and intelligence work have been viewed on YouTube thousands of times. 

See www.thiemeworks.com – “About Richard Thieme” – for a biography.
Richard Thieme (www.thiemeworks.com) is an author and professional speaker who has addressed critical issues resulting from technological change for 27 years. 
Contact [email protected] or [email protected] or go to www.thiemeworks.com

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Jim July 23, 2020 at 3:56 PM

Sorry, ‘Richard’!! Please feel free to amend if posted!

Jim July 24, 2020 at 1:08 PM

Hey, Richard– puzzled as to why you haven’t posted my comment. I thought your readers might gain an insight or two from MetallicMan!
I guess he is a bit hot. But he doesn’t reveal any core secrets and, by the way, agrees with you about the ‘four E.T. civilizations that we know about’. He’s had dealings with 3 of them.
And there are many more.
All the best,

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