What is it About UFOs?

by Randal Birkey on November 28, 2007

by Richard Thieme

“When you think about it – I mean, really step back and think about it – the reaction, I mean, to Dennis Kucinich’s statement the other night during the Democratic debate, about seeing an aerial vehicle, a large dark triangle, something reported by many people in this and other countries and probably one of our own, one of our new stealthy inventions, but one he couldn’t identify – the fact that it was brought up as it was, to ridicule a man whose candidacy has already been made to seem silly, a waste of time and money – and then more ridicule and disdain, after the debate, the thigh-slapping laughter of a loud shouter like Chris Matthews who hooted and hollered and asked other candidates like Joe Biden did they “believe” in UFOs as if this alone of all domains is not a question of evidence, thinking about it all, but a belief like leprechauns or Santa Claus or God – and then, when Governor Richardson of New Mexico stated the obvious, that there is a documented record that our government has withheld information about the subject for decades – not months, not years, but decades – his quiet statement caused the already wildly raving Matthews to get even louder and wilder, demanding to know, my god man, do you think there was a cover-up? a cover-up? And all this said not simply with confidence, but with arrogance fused with ignorance, as if we do not live in a secrecy-shrouded world in which millions and millions of government documents, even when they have been declassified, will not emerge into the light of day for years – years! – a world in which statesmen like the late Senator Patrick Moynihan wrote an entire book about the negative impact of obsessive secrecy (and that was before the Cheney-Bush regime took it up another notch) and how unnecessary secrecy eroded the fabric of a once-open society – I mean, when you think about all that, while the rest of us live our lives downwind in the bluster of the loud shouters screaming their beliefs as if they were part of a civil discourse or a civilized debate – well, all a member of the hidden crowd can do is laugh or weep or perhaps wonder what in the name of God is going on?

I mean, think about it. Mention the silly distractions used to draw the scent into the bushes, nonsense like Britney Spears or the Hilton woman or the dead one, what was her name, now, Anna Nicole, just bring them up, I say, and you’ll get hours of silly discourse, pundits and news anchors and bloggers taking the silly nothings so seriously, playing hand-in-glove games with their publicists, as if such trivia has anything to do with anything real or anything that matters at all, making the silly film Idiocracy seem like a pretty good forecast of things to come, no, things already here.

You understand, it did not just happen. UFOs were not ridiculed when they were covered as news, years ago. As well they ought to have been. Anomalous vehicles having their way and will with our skies, showing up as Look Magazine documented over nuclear plants like Hanford and air force bases all over the country – that’s news, or ought to be. Vehicles behaving in ways that led Life Magazine to conclude, with an in-depth article using official quotes, that the vehicles which had been photographed and documented by official USAF cameras, were in all likelihood extraterrestrial.

Because, given what they did and how they did it, what else could they be?

But you wouldn’t know that, would you? You wouldn’t know that there exists a voluminous amount of data, an immense historical documentation going back into the nineteen thirties, long before the so-called “modern UFO era” had begun, filled with credible observers who were flying fighters or commercial planes or simply looking up or straight ahead, sometimes, at something landing, something alive coming out, then taking off again and disappearing so quickly it made their hair stand up. To observe that this history exists and is well-documented by serious researchers, that historical studies like Keith Chester’s Strange Company, a book that compiles reports mostly from Europe before the second world war and then, during and after the war, or historical articles by Michael Swords, a retired professor from the University of Western Michigan, documenting for example the Robertson Panel, a group that established CIA-supported debunking and ridicule of reports, keeping them out of the mainstream news, or the Condon Committee, a “scientific” panel intended to settle the matter once and for all, the conclusions of which however contradicted the data in its own report, as if the committee did not even read its own work, and indeed, the chair had declared his conclusion with a chuckle and a wink long before the committee had done its work – one could go on and on, there are many serious well-researched works that document the phenomena, and the obviously successful campaign by the US government to use ridicule above all to make the whole domain a matter of jokes and precisely the kind of silliness for which we can thank Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, and their pals, who have never seen much less read any of this serious work, or the other accounts that accurately describe the cottage industry of useful idiots, pathological liars, con artists and flimflam men (and women, of course), making multiple points about the real serious research, as well as the ways that psychological operations and propaganda have been carried out for many years, addressed to the people of this country of necessity in addition to “enemies,” the stated targets of deception, it now being impossible to distinguish one from the other in a world of ubiquitous information.

The subject, in short, is complex, vast, and worthy of study.

So I ask, once again – what is it about UFOs that makes them such a subject of ridicule when patently ridiculous subjects like Hilton and Spears are treated with respect and amplified by the loud shouters?

A friend who spent his life at the National Security Agency doing analysis said to me once, speaking of the practice of deception – “Illusion, misdirection, and ridicule, these three. But the greatest of these is ridicule.”

His echo of the Apostle Paul was deliberate. This was the Gospel according to the IC, the world of professional intelligence.

Ridicule. The greatest of these is ridicule.

Indeed, people fear ridicule more than death, it seems. The dismemberment of their reputations, careers, and self-images is a grave threat. The thought police know this, of course. The art and science of the intentional destruction of troublesome human beings is alive and well.

The blow-back, however, as our intel friends call the unintended consequences of a sanctioned campaign, is the destruction of civil discourse, the undermining of a public space in which serious subjects receive the attention they deserve. Because so many people do not believe the official truth but don’t know what the truth might be. They know they are lied to much of the time, but don’t know what’s so, so they fill the empty space with projections, confabulations, nightmares and dreams.

There is more to it than that, of course. There is also a threat to the unspoken compacts that keep society hanging together, the ones that get people out of bed in the morning to go to work, not money or other rewards, but how a society functions at its deepest levels. The threat is that a superior civilization exists not “out there” where SETI serenely searches for distant signals, officially sanctioned and signifying nothing, but right here, up close, where thousands of credible witnesses have testified to the presence of anomalous vehicles obviously directed remotely or on the spot by intelligent agents, right here on our very own planet, not the isolated little blue marble in space that we collectively imagine, but one of many inhabited planets, where our society has against all evidence been built on a cornerstone of key beliefs, say them how you will – for religious, that we are the apple of God’s eye, not one apple among many, but the most favored nation, and for non-religious, that our species is the top of the food chain, the obviously smartest and best of all species, kings of the kingdom and queens of the realm. The threat is to the threads that stitch together our particular ways of being a self-conscious collective entity into a cultural myth of priority, invincibility, being the favored children of God. Now, this is a serious threat, along with the other lesser threats, to our dominance of other countries, scientific prowess, and other key pieces of the way we perceive ourselves in this nation. … and so we come back to UFOs, which have been well-documented, as I said, noted all over the world, in most countries, not just here, for sixty, seventy years, or more, behaving in the same ways, doing similar things, all reported by diverse peoples of all cultures and tribes and ages noting the same small details – that’s not the stuff of insanity, is it? That is something serious, something real, something worthy of scientific study and discussion in the public domain, not only behind closed doors where the masters of deception do indeed practice their dark arts on behalf of multiple agendas which have neither been floated nor voted upon by we, the people, the impotent watchers in the wings, we who ought to know better when the shouters do their job, we who know we have listened for years to lies yet still, like children, believe them because we must, so when they ridicule their victims, pumping up the abuse to effective levels, we must jump on the wagon at once, lest we be ridiculed too by Official Truth. We choose to believe the illusions, to look away from the real, knowing what we are doing, but so afraid of what they’ll say and do if we don’t.

The greatest of these is ridicule. Ridicule is King. And we, good subjects and loyal, obey the King.

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